Little Ram Pantries - Fall 2021

Introduction: This survey questions your experience in using the Little Ram Pantries that first deployed on campus at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester. The research team, led by Dr. John Jones (jonesj39@vcu.edu) is evaluating the Little Ram Pantries program to determine if the program helps to mitigate food insecurity experienced by VCU students. Your participation in this research study will help VCU faculty and staff create better emergency food systems for students.

Anonymity & Confidentiality: Your responses to this questionnaire are completely anonymous and confidential. No identifying information will be linked to your responses. If you have general questions about your rights as a participant in this research, or if you wish to discuss problems, concerns or questions, to obtain information, or to offer input about research, you may contact: Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Research, 800 East Leigh Street, Suite 3000, Box 980568, Richmond, VA 23298; (804) 827-2157;  https://research.vcu.edu/human_research/volunteers.htm. VCU IRB Protocol Number: HM20022858

Instructions: Answer each question to the best of your ability. Do not answer questions that make you uncomfortable. The questionnaire should take you roughly 15 minutes to complete. You are not required to answer every question to be considered for the raffle prizes.

Compensation: You are eligible for $25 cash compensation. After you complete the survey, you may opt to provide contact information to enter a random drawing to receive one of the 30 (cash) awards. Your survey responses will remain anonymous WITHOUT being linked to your contact information.
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